Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grow Bed #1

In order to start the cycling of the system, I quickly hooked up one of the grow beds. Cycling the water through the grow media lets the necessary bacteria grow for the health of the system. It is necessary to cycle the water for at least a couple of weeks before putting plants into it.

A temporary modification to keep constant water flow to the waterfall.
This connects to the grow bed output which goes directly back into the small pond.

This is the grow bed output / pond return line.
The water comes out of the pipe into a small bog area.

A weed that I had let grow in the garden and then uprooted to put into the grow bed.
This will be a test plant and a good water health indicator to let me know if it is good for growth.

The water inputs to the grow bed.
There are two so that water will enter at both ends.

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