Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Looking Good!

Things are coming together nicely. By this time next year everything will be matured and hopefully a mini ecosystem where both plants and fish can thrive in a suburban backyard environment.

With most of my focus still on making things look right, I haven't shifted my focus toward function as I had planned. Everything works, but it will work much better once I get the final beds going.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Problems 1 of 3 - Pets

With a huge project as this, it is no doubt you will run into problems, large and small. I'm not going to go into all the minor problems, just larger problems I have had so far. I can think of 3 big problems that I am dealing with. Here is the first...

Pets. I have a very good Labrador Retriever named Lady. She is not the problem. I babysit another dog for a friend, and she is a problem. This little dog destroyed my waterfall and a lot of the edging around the small pond in the matter of minutes. Not sure how she did it, but she knocked out most of the waterfall rock that I had in place using waterfall foam. She pulled up a lot of the coir around the edge and knocked down most of the rock in the bog area. All this was done in about 20 minutes! I still haven't fixed any of these things because for the most part I am going to have to redo all of it from scratch.

The waterfall was held in place by foam made for the job. In the pic below you can slightly see where some of the foam was. All of this was collapsed onto itself. The rocks then blocked the water flow and by the time I got it cleared, a lot of water was gone. So in order to prevent anything like this from happening again I am going to use cement to mount the rocks into place along the edges of the falls. And of coarse kill the dog. Just kidding, I still love the dog.

Here you can see the foam(Look closely) that held the rock in place.

These are the areas that the dog took out after I cleaned up some of the damage.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mid July Progress

Some pix for July.

July 7th

July 9th

July 13th

July 17th

I got the 3rd grow bed filled but it had a small leak. So now I have to take out all the rock, then the liner, and patch it. FUBAR!