Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Materials Needed (Part 2)

The two most important items necessary to insure proper function and longevity are the pump and pond liner. There are as many opinions as there are types of each, so make sure you do your homework to find the best for your needs.

My new pump is a Wave Series External Pump (Wave I) - 1/4 HP. This pump will push 6228 GPH @ 4.00 ft. Head. I estimated my pond to be at most 5400 gallons, so this pump is a good size. Never trust what pond supply owners tell you, they are out to make a buck and want to sell you more than you need. A one to one ratio of pond gallons to pump GPH is fine in most cases. With a leaf trap the cost was approximately $500.

The liner is, without doubt, the most important part of your pond. Without it you have a mud puddle. There are many types of liners but having experience with pool liners(vinyl) I am glad to be rid of the old technologies. EPDM liners are supposed to last 75 years and have a 25 year warranty. Which means I will probably never have to replace the liner in my lifetime. Well worth the extra $150. My liner is 25'x35' and cost about $525 delivered.

I see these two purchases and the bulk landscape materials being more than half of the entire cost. All that is left is plants, electrical, plumbing and other miscellaneous construction items.

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