Saturday, May 09, 2009

Materials Needed (part 1)

Materials for grow beds include wood, cement, plastic liner, and hardware...

Bulk landscape materials are needed for the soil around the pond and to fill the grow beds...

I make my own compost out of food scraps and yard debris so a lot of soil conditioner wasn't needed.

I am using an old carpet for the underlayment in the pond, so a lot of sand was not needed.

The wood for the grow beds is either normal Fir 2x4x8(beds 1 and 3) or Redwood(beds 2 and 4). The frames are all Fir and the bottoms are all 5/8" plywood. Use screws NOT nails! 4x4 posts should be treated(I had a few untreated already, so I used them) and mounted in holes with cement or on top of cement blocks.

Note: You do not have to make grow beds from wood. Plastic containers and barrels work great, they just don't look great. I would normally recommend using plastic(reused or recycled) but since I will be showing this I wanted it to look presentable. I'm not a big fan of "form over function", but this is an exception.

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