Thursday, May 28, 2009

Installing a Pond Liner (Part 2)

Unfold and Cover

I put the liner roll in the center of the area. Unfolding was actually easier than I thought it would be. It only took about 10 minutes to fully unfold it. Once unfolded, make sure the farthest 2 points are covered. I pulled it about a foot past the north end and secured it by screwing it to a 2x4 then screwed the 2x4 onto the plywood frame, leaving the south end unattached so the liner would not get over-stretched when filling. Once the north end was secured I put screws on all the edges of the north end, making sure everything had enough liner to cover all the contours of the large pond. With the liner covering two ponds and a waterfall I wanted to make sure the large pond wasn't going to get shorted, if the liner fell short. But I shouldn't have to worry about it, as it looks like I'll have just enough to cover end to end without splicing or filling anything. The west side of the small pond has at least 8 feet of extra liner. I new this would be the case but you can only purchase rectangular pieces.I will use the extra liner for 2 of the grow beds.

Once the liner was secured I went ahead and installed the intake pipe to the pump. The glue for the pipe will need to dry before I can fill the pond. I'm gonna wait until morning so I can see things a lot better. The end of the intake will be temporarily put into an old milk crate to keep large items from being sucked in. I will cover the crate with an extra screen to keep smaller items out. Eventually I will drill holes on the pipe and cap the end. A check valve is put on the pipe to keep water from draining back into the pond if the pump is turned off. This is important to keep the pump primed with water at all times. You never want to run a pump dry. Even though the pump has 24 hour dry run protection, it's not something anyone would want to risk.

We fill tomorrow. See you then...

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