Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Materials Needed (Part 3)

Here is a list of all the materials needed and estimated cost. This is just a broad overview and doesn't list specifics. The specifics will be dealt with within the explanation of each procedure.

In no particular order:
1. Pond liner $500
2. Pond pump $500
3. Redwood for landscaping items such as retaining walls and planters $200
4. Lumber for grow beds and for mounting the grow beds $250
5. Screws, nails, bolts, and other hardware for construction $150
6. Plumbing (PVC pipe and fittings) $150
7. Bulk landscape materials for pond installation and grow beds $400
8. Decorative landscape rock $400
9. Electrical hardware(if needed) $100
10. Fish $100
11. Plants $100 (I am growing almost all the plants from seed or from cuttings)
12. Water test kit and miscellaneous pond stuff $50
13. Pond aeration equipment. $0 This is not absolutely necessary, I will show you a few ways to get aeration without purchasing extra equipment.
14. Fill dirt to fill pool $0 Not necessary. I will show you how to fill that huge hole like magic. Trust me, it is brilliant.
15. Miscellaneous $100

Total cost $3,000 plus my labor. Compare this to the cost of a contractor to remove the pool and re-landscape your yard at anywhere from $25,000 -$40,000.

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