Thursday, July 09, 2009

Aeration - Part II

(This article is old. I have since changed my aeration as described HERE)

I have 7 different methods of aeration in many different areas. My water testing kit didn't include oxygen level, but I'm very sure there is more than enough oxygen at this point. I'm ordering an oxygen test next week, so I will be able to give some actual numbers soon.

Moral of the story... You don't need to buy extra aeration equipment as long as your pump is large enough.

Here are the other 4 methods. I am currently using three of them(the gravity and pressure injection was temporary)...

Grow Bed Sprayers
Instead of just letting the water enter the grow beds by pipe, why not hook up a sprayer to the pipe and give the water an air boost. Great method of aeration.

Inline Injecting
The siphon output has enough flow to create some aeration by forcing air into the line and mixing it into the water flow.

Gravity/Pressure Injecting
Simply letting the water flow directly back into the pond with a decent jet will give some great aeration.
The second picture shows a method to reduce splash, therefore it is less likely to waste water. This method has less aeration than the method shown in the first picture.

Here is a diagram to show how this can be done...

and, finally, the last method has other benefits...

Underwater Plants
Many underwater plants provide oxygen. I have some germinating in an aquarium so the Goldfish don't destroy them before they have a chance to grow.

Well that's it for aeration. I'll post some D.O.(Dissolved Oxygen) numbers when my test kit comes in.


  1. Natural pond is good. The best advantage is you are no longer to buy or maintain any pool products here.

  2. I agree to Interfab. It good to have a natural one. :)