Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How To Make a Grow Bed (PART 2 - Mounting Support)

This instruction is for the mounting support that will go underneath the grow bed and is attached to the posts. Once the mounts are in place you just set the grow bed on top of it and secure it.

The above photo was taken when I was designing the mount and is not exactly what the final support looks like, but it does give you a good idea. An additional three posts(one 4x4 and two 2x4 posts) and a 4x4 support beam are added to the final design.


5 - 2" X 4" X 8' Studs
1 - 4" X 4" X 8' Post
10 - 90degree angle brackets(any type, make sure they are strong)
20 - 3" Deck Screws
50 - 1" Wood Screws or Nails

Cut your 2x4's at the following lengths:
2 @ 48"
3 @ 29"
2 @ 77"


For the full, updated instructional head over to the Step-by-Step blog HERE.

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