Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April Showers...

Bring May flowers, so they say.

Well, it's not May. but April showers have brought out many April flowers. Here are some of my flowers that either are in bloom or will be in bloom this April. If this is what I have in April, I can't wait for May!

Almost all plants you see here were grown from seed.

Alyssum. A minty ground Cover that has been in bloom since February

Aptenia. Beautiful groundcover when in full bloom

Azalia. Hanging on for dear life because of disease, but it hasen't died yet. Nothing I treat it with has worked, so I have decided to leave it to it's own fate.

Bachelor Button. This plant has tried to take over my yard. It spreads seeds at a rate too fast to keep up with. Fortunately, they are easy to pull as weeds where I don't want them.

Blanket Flower have been in bloom all year, but starting to really take off now.

Borage. The bees are loving this plant here in early spring.

Calendula(Pot Marigold). A very flowery plant in early summer. Supposedly good to eat also.

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Calendula with an unknown flower.

Celery Safir. Smells and tastes just like a strong celery.

Chives are ready for bloom. They will reseed themselves and are avaliable for eating all year.

Confetti Bush(Coleonema Pulchrum). A beautiful evergreen shrub that blooms several times a year.

Daisy. A nice little daisey bush.

Delphinium. This was the only one out of 5 that made it through the heat of last summer. It seems very strong and should remain a nice perennial for years to come.

English Daisey. I thought they were all gone. It is just too hot for them to thrive here, but this one seems to be hanging in there because it is shaded most of the day by many other plants.

 Foxglove. I planted these last year, but they didn't like the heat and were slow to grow. They did not bloom. Now that they have had a chance to get rooted, they are taking off here in early spring.

Gardenia. Almost done with this blooming, but should be ready again soon.

Heavenly Bamboo(Nandina Domestica)

Hollyhock. Being treated for disease, but seems to be thriving none-the-less.

Iris of unknown origin are popping up all over my yard from the hundreds of seeds of a hybrid that I threw all around. They did not come true from the original, but are very nice.

Larkspur. When in full bloom, these flower stalks are the talk of the garden. On average they will get 6 foot(2 meters) tall with a plethera of flowers on each stalk, literally hundreds.

Lavender is the most curious looking of all flowers, IMHO.

Snapdragon. Love this plant. It almost died in the heat of last summer, but it made a huge recovery this winter. It is ready to bloom in abundance.

Onion plants are starting to bloom. I am not sure if that is good or not however.

Dwarf orange tree should produce this year. I can't wait!

Pansies and Viola have been in bloom all winter. Got to love a flower that does that.

Photinia Fraseri. A small and beautiful red-leaf tree.

Pyrethrum. The dried flowers are a great natural insecticide.

Rockrose(Cistus Purpureus)

Statice is growing great in the grow beds already. I simply broke off a branch and planted it in the bed last fall.

Strawberries are going to be in abundance this year.

Sweet Peas will be the first non-leafy vegitable on my table this year.

Thyme has been in bloom since March.

Lavender and Thyme are great grown together.

Many, many unknown(or can't remember the name of) flowers are in bloom or very close to bloom

This is not even close to an exhaustive list. Many flowers are just starting to grow. New additions to the yard are still under the grow lights. Also, many annual, summer blooming flowers have sprouted in the last few weeks such as Morning Glory and Gomphrina(strawberry fields). It's going to be a colorful season.

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