Saturday, March 20, 2010

Adding A Planter To The Pond Edge

When constructing my pond, I purposely made my pond edging "soft". What I mean by that, is that the edges were not permanently bound to any kind of structure, making them flexible and easy to work with. There is a problem with that, and it is exactly that, they are not permanently mounted and are flexible. So a soft edge is good and bad for the same reason. Having an edge that is easy to "redo", gives you ability to easily change the pond shape or easily modify the edge at any time.

Well, this week I took advantage of my "soft" edging and built a new planter along the walkway next to the pond. I plan on having strawberries growing next to and dangling into the pond by summer. I think it will be a cool effect, and, of course, a yummy effect at that.

By simply pulling the liner away from the edge in that area, adding a couple of 2x4's to the existing frame for bottom support, wrapping the liner around them, then screwing a face board to cover the liner, I created the new planter in minutes.

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