Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Water is Crystal Clear

The pond water can not get any more clear than this. Compare this system to one that employs all the expensive, unneeded equipment that the "experts" would have you unnecessarily purchase. This pond is equipped with one pump, home-made biological filters in the form of grow beds, and nothing else. You need nothing else, and I have all the proof you could ever want right here...

Unless you are a retailer who will dishonestly sell others what they don't need, this natural system is a better way to go any way you want to look at it. Since starting this project I have seen so many false claims and exaggerations in order to make a buck, it makes me wonder where the humanity has gone. However, to be fair, I really can not tell if they just don't know any better or they really are that greedy. Either way, I hope everyone gets a good look at what you actually need to have a beautiful pond.

There is one problem now that the water is so clear...You can see all the stuff I put in to give the goldfish some good spots to hide. They are not exactly "eye-catching". It wasn't a problem when the water was kind of cloudy, it just looked like a blur. Guess I will have to make the shelters a little more attractive.

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  1. I like this pictures because it gives tips to keep pond water as clean as possible. You have done fabulous job there.